Social Initiative Special Employment Center

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We are a company dedicated to the employment of people with disabilities.

What are we?

Social Initiative Special Employment Center

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And what does this consist of?

It is a company that is committed to giving a very special weight to people with disabilities, and for this it must comply with very strict legal commitments.

And how does it affect you, your business or project?

In nothing. acts as one more company, which you must judge and demand for its professionalism.

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Of course, contract with a special employment center:

  • It allows you to comply with the legal requirements regarding the employment of people with disabilities.
  • And, due to the special cost structure, you benefit from lower rates.
    The ones who assume extra commitments are us, not you.

For you, what there are are legal advantages for contracting with us, nothing more.

Transparency for our clients

Business Services Cooperative

In addition to the Special Employment Center, we are also a cooperative made up of expert professionals in various fields. Workers and partners at the same time.

Being a cooperative also implies different demands and reinforced commitments behind closed doors. But all of that is outward. For you we do not want it to imply anything. If anything, that we are good people.

We operate like any other service provider.

We are professionals and as such we respond.

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Contact with Giser

You want to know more? Check our ways of contact:

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