Advantages of Geiser

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All this you will gain working with Giser

  • We adapt to you, not the other way around.
  • You do not have to hire workers: GISER does the work externally, without ties.
  • You do not assume sick leave, social security contributions, vacations, insurance, layoffs or any other extra charge derived from an employment relationship.
  • Forget about setting up offices, buying computer elements, office supplies or any other supply that the worker needs. 
  • Neither will you assume, therefore, additional costs for telephone, electrical, insurance consumption… associated with the worker.
  • You will not need to set or control worker schedules, or implement occupational risk prevention measures, training, or others to which you may be required.
  • You can terminate, modify, expand or limit your relationship with with total flexibility, unlike the complexity of hiring dependent workers.
  • If your company has more than 50 workers, thanks to the contract signed with us, you can cover your legal quota for workers with disabilities, as well as all other legal requirements. And all the companies to which we provide services will have advantages for contracting with a cooperative that is also a special employment center.

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